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Mon Apr 16 22:12:43 EDT 2007

Let’s get serious here, today’s Eric Clapton is “Eric Clapton Lite”: no calories, little substance, good “all the hits” concerts, but nothing really new. There’s not much substantive creativity with the guitar either, which I’ll again state, is Clapton’s singularly unique talent. He’s NOT all washed up, else he wouldn’t -- occasionally -- play those nice solos, such as Garret mentioned on “Old Love,” or on “Escondido’s” “Danger.” I’m sorry, but as Keith Richard mentioned a long time ago -- and we saw this pop up again a couple of weeks back -- Eric Clapton could be SO much better, but he’s too lazy! Not too lazy to get on the road and travel, but too damned lazy to be creative, the way he once used to be, and the way I believe that he again CAN be, if only he tried a bit harder. If I thought that he really was washed up, I’d say so, and I wouldn’t be here on the Slowhand Digest. But I do not believe that. I believe the man has talent and potential WAY beyond what he shows us, but he’s too damned lazy to use it, to tap into it. And, I’ll bet if you asked him about this, he’d fully agree. DeltaNick P.S. Well, at least the Slowhand Digest has again shown some life. It’s been pretty quiet lately, as if everyone were ... on auto-pilot.
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