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There are folks here who really think that EC’s given us something new. But he’s merely scratched the surface of Motown, reggae, some C&W, a bit of electronica, and “Adult Contemporary.” Gee, doesn’t Michael Boltin do the same? That’s what just about EVERY pop crooner does, duh! Celine Dion style music is NOT new! Has EC tried rap or hip-hop yet? Maybe next album. I can’t wait … NOT! Truth is, the “new” stuff has been largely skin deep, and not in any way substantive. Yeah, some “nice” tunes (what does “nice” mean?), some acoustic guitar … and this is considered groundbreaking? You’ve got to be kidding me! >> Several times that night, he lost control and just ripped. It was stunning to watch. << I didn’t write it, Bryan Reid did. But this indicates that EC is NOT washed up or too old. And Garrett was right about “Old Love” in DC. But the other guitarists -- Robert Cray, Doyle Bramhall, and Derek Trucks -- each played more guitar than Eric. Too bad, because my ticket said “Eric Clapton” on it. That’s what I paid for. I also attended the 10 October 2006 show in DC. The band rocked, but they played Eric’s greatest oldies hits. Although the album with JJ Cale was complete and only a few weeks from release, none of its tracks were played. There was nothing new. Where is the much vaunted artistic growth? On another note, I think that using the term “guitar god” is insulting, turning Clapton into a mere “rock star,” a joke. I think he’s so much more than that. Andres Segovia was never called a “guitar god,” and nobody ever referred to John Coltrane as a “sax god,” so why Clapton? Segovia’s and Coltrane’s talents are always recalled with respect. They were serious musicians who took their craft seriously. Because of what the term “guitar god” connotes – the Spandex pants, ultra-long hair, no shirt, oh … and maybe some guitar chops -- I think use of the term is disrespectful and demeaning, to say the least. In fact, Clapton hates all such talk of “guitar hero” status, and it causes him to react by playing LESS guitar. If that’s all you think Clapton is or used to be -- a “guitar god” -- then I think you’re missing a lot.
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