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>> Many others have written here in the Slowhand Digest this past year that EC seems to be merely cruising on auto-pilot, mailing in his guitar solos, getting others (Bramhall & Trucks) to do the heavy lifting. << I was referring to the numerous other Slowhand Digest subscribers who wrote the words. I’m not the only one who thinks he’s too lazy, there are plenty of others. Here are a couple of others I found instantly by searching for the word “lazy” on the “Where’sERIC!” web site (imagine that): 1. “How did my favorite guitarist of all time and my main inspiration for playing blues live up to my expectations in a live show? ... Since Derek Trucks has joined the band, he basically does the majority of the lead guitar work ... That also said, EC needed to do more lead guitar work because that’s why we were all there. I felt very let down he was only doing very little guitar solos in his songs if any at all. With the exception of the blues material and one rotation on Little Wing (which was the highlight) there was very little honest guitar solos from him tonight it just felt lazy and like it was just another show.” (http://www.whereseric.com/tour/down-under-tour-2007/04-February-2007_eric-clapton-his-band-rod-laver-arena-melbourne-australia.html) 2. An Eric Clapton concert without a lot of Eric Clapton solos is a little disappointing. You wonder … is he getting old? Is he getting lazy? Is he being too polite with the other players, what? (http://www.whereseric.com/tour/us-tour-2007/02-April-2007_eric-clapton-his-band-kemper-arena-kansas-city-mo.html) >> BTW, who was doing the cooking for Clapton in 1994? << Eric Clapton cooked on THAT tour, Mel, as I’ve mentioned plenty of times before. This was like the Eric Clapton of old. Too bad he didn’t keep it up beyond 1995. I guess you didn’t read that part, or maybe you thought someone else wrote it. >> My neighbors know all about my sound system. I could counter-strike with a 1994 guitar solo from Five Long Years, Irving Plaza (3rd night)! I’m printing out EC heads-on-sticks to be place around my yard’s p[e]rimeter - reportedly works like garlic and vampires on DN! << Mel [DN rolls his eyes …], you’re wrong again. As usual, you don’t read very carefully. Clapton’s NBTB period is THE highlight of his career since 1969! In fact, “From The Cradle” is THE album that got me back to listening to Eric Clapton, after a 20-year hiatus, because of my allergy to “Lay Down Sally And Other Assorted Barry Manilow Songs.” Now, Mel says, “I’ve got some ‘good’ band suggestions for you; bands that have never changed.” [Rolling my eyes again …] It may be difficult for some of you to understand, but I’m not interested. I don’t want to hear the same old stuff, over and over; I want to hear new music, new guitar playing, and new solos by the master. EC has given us simply a bit of this and a snippet of that, but his style kinda got stuck in the 1970s and hasn’t changed much since.
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