[Slowhand] on the DN side

Eric Lacroix eric.lacroix at free.fr
Thu Apr 19 13:05:22 EDT 2007

Hello All,

I 90% agree with Deltanick statements. My history with EC music is
different than DN ones. I'm 34 and I discovered EC during the journeyman
tour. Since then I have collected all official recordings and gathered
hundreds of bootlegs. I can say I know the music of the man well.

Maybe I'm not as disappointed as much as Deltanick is, but I share with
him the idea that Clapton is able to do much better when it about
soloing. It's been since EC switched his guitar's pickups to Fender
Vintage Noiseless that I don't care much for his guitar solos. He had
good moments since that time but not as much as during the 90's for exemple.

When DN is talking to a new From The Craddle era, I think is talking
about commitment and energy. Not about doing a new 100% blues album. He
already did that with M&Mr Johnson and I wasn't that great.

But to me there are more highlights in EC's career compared to Deltanick
opinion. Mayall and Cream of course. Blindfaith and D'n'D too. The end
of the 70's and the beginning of the 80's have great moments too. From
the Slowhand to Money and Cig. tour.
Then, I have the feeling that Conor's death is the main cause of what we
had in the middle of the 90s. From 92 to 97, wow ! Even the pilgrim
songs during the 97 japan tour.
The main highlight in the 00's is the Cream reunion.

Finally I don't read Deltanick comments as if he was bashing EC. He's
just bringing some of you in reality, outside of your dream. I guess
that when people are expecting so hard to something to be good, they
will think that it had been great even if it was not that so.
The 2006-2007 is very good because of the new band and the new
'old-songs' set list. I have seen 2 EC shows in 2006 (RAH and Paris) and
it was good. Not great like some of you reviewed.


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