[Slowhand] Rants and Raves

Hillary Todd gilmoregirltoo at yahoo.com
Fri Apr 20 09:11:32 EDT 2007

> The 2006-2007 is very good because of the new band

> and the new

> 'old-songs' set list. I have seen 2 EC shows in 2006

> (RAH and Paris) and

> it was good. Not great like some of you reviewed.


> Regards,

> Eric.

This is the second time in two days I have read on the
digest that basically only one opinion is allowed.
Apparently if you are of the opinion that the
2006/2007 tour was great you're wrong. I'm so glad the
digest is here to tell me my opinion is wrong
otherwise I'd just go along thinking that I was
actually entitled to an opinion. Gee guys...thanks!

Setting aside my personal opinion for a minute, I
still have to say that the overall opinion of this
tour was extremely positive, based on the critics, the
fans who posted on EC sites and the blog postings of
those who attended the concerts but aren't necessarily
fans. In fact, the overwhelming criticism I heard was
that he didn't talk to the audience. Go figure!
Overall, though, criticism of EC's guitar playing was
a minority opinion. Of course, you are certainly
entitled to it but please don't try to give the
impression that everyone is of the same opinion or
that it is the only correct opinion.

I'd also like to address DeltaNick's assertion that JJ
Cale was "bashing" EC with the quote from the Vintage
Guitar interview. The way I read it is that DeltaNick
is comparing his comments to JJ's. Really, DN, if you
belive there's even a tiny bit of similarity to JJ's
comments and your comments then you have a serious
perception impairment.

I'm also interested in exploring the notion of being
too lazy to be creative. I think the creative process
my be a bit more complex that just trying really hard.
I think much of EC's recent work has been creative,
which by the way is not synonymous with innovation.
You may not like it but it's not up to you to tell the
artist what form their creativity should take.

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