[Slowhand] Eric rants and raves continued

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Hi Sam, JoeBonamassa did a live-in-the-studio gig a couple of yrs ago on a local radio station here, and like you said, he really tore it up. That improptu version of "Woke up Dreaming" made the annual "Live From the Archives" charity-CD that the station published that yr.. It was a chilling performance that left the morning crew breathless!

I was sorry to hear that the Detroit-leg of the Clapton-band tour wasn't very inspired. I only saw the San Jose performance, and I was wowed. I didn't go into it with the expectations of Eric-guitar-heroics (ala NBTB); so, I wasn't disappointed. Instead, I thoroughly enjoyed hearing the band do songs that I've never heard played live: Tell the Truth, Outside Woman, Little QoS, LittleW and Motherless, the opening of which was worth the price of admission for me. Still I was impressed by Eric's guitar solos - I thought that his tone was excellent, and perhaps his gain was turned up a bit at the mixing board. Anyway, it worked for me, and I was not disappointed. Perhaps, your trip to Detroit would have been happier with a visit to Winsor for the errr - ballet, Sam (inside joke) :-)

I'm looking forward to meeting you in person at the Guitar Festival - I think that I owe you a beer!


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>Subject: Re: [Slowhand] Eric rants and raves continued

>if "melt-your-face" guitar is what you are looking for, be sure to catch a

>live show from Joe Bonamassa! his records feature excellent axe work as

>well, but live is where its at - out


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