[Slowhand] debts repayed

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GREAT COMMENT! From what I've read and heard Eric say, you are exactly correct. The bios I've read have all alluded to Eric's former AH-tendencies, and he's said all this in interviews, and I expect that we'll read all about it later this year. "Humility" is an excellent human trait.

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>Subject: [Slowhand] debts repayed

>hey,any of you guys ever been in, or worked a 12 step program? rehab, maybe? what do you all think EC is doing, making amends,or in other words repaying old debts. >remember that our friend was very sick for a great many years & was a outrageous AS-H--E!!! he can be as good as he wants anytime he feels like it,but obviously he has >no reason to do that, just check out the clip from the crossroads festival with jj cale, he does not have the need to be up front,he is just part of the band, or has he said >years ago,"i,m just "A SIDEMAN" genius does not always manifest it self on cue.anyway just my thought, thanks SOHO

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