[Slowhand] Interesting point for any guitar DIY'ers out there

Simon George simon.george5 at ntlworld.com
Sun Apr 22 17:04:27 EDT 2007

Any UK guitar builders out there might be interested in this.
I have built and upgraded several Stratocasters over the years, my favourite is a Sunburst guitar with a Clapton strat neck which will soon have the Clapton electrics added. Anyway, on a recent trip to Halfords (a chain of car spares stores in the UK, for anyone that doesnt know), I was looking in the paint spray aisle, with the idle thought of recreating one of the 'Crash' Strats, when my eye was taken by a can of spray, 'Mercedes Azure Blue', on closer inspection, yes it is the Mercedes Blue of the EC custom shop model! I have a spare Squier strat body, so soon I will have a guitar that is almost identical to a £2,500 guitar for next to nothing! Pretty cool I thought!
I'll keep you posted on progress if your interested.
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