[Slowhand] World Tour Box Set Reoffer - Closed (Debi)

debi bluesgurl2000 at yahoo.com
Sun May 13 19:43:27 EDT 2007

The following Slowhanders will be receiving the Box Set:
5 With burners to reoffer

Conan Kodema - Oahu, Hawaii - conan at theblueprintcompany.com

Jerry & Cathy Hughs/Burkett - hughkett at gmail.com

Justin Stugles, Oxford ME - letitloose77 at hotmail.com

Pat Toth, Knoxville, TN - iapigben at comcast.net

Apurva Parikah - Sugar-Land, TX - apuraj8 at hotmail.com


Phyllis - ranger2715 at aol.com - no burner

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