[Slowhand] Winwood / EC Highclere 2007

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speaking of pissing on one's own legacy, did anyone happen to see Joe Perry,
the guitarist from Aerosmith, do just that by playing "you really got me"
with Sanjaya on the American Idol finale tonite? ouch......
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Band du Lac: One Night Only Live - a similar show, clearly shows a
practise session. I've see/heard of other practise sessions too for
small events.

If Eric did not practise - like any other musician, it would show, as
with the Concert for New York City on 20 Oct 2001. He'd just completed a
world tour the previous day and came across rather lamely at the event.
Apparently he phoned in what he would play and the house band prepared.

Has Eric ever considered that (i.) that these shows are recorded release
to people who pay with real money and (ii.) that there are people who
fly in from all over the world, just to see him piss all over his own


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I have just listened to the whole thing all the way through, and the
EC part for the second time. I revise my EC score to a B-. Basically,
IMHO, these Highclere shows have never featured great playing. It's a
charity gig, they show up, play, have
some laughs and split. No rehearsals, just show up and play. They
don't take it seriously and it shows. Nor do I see any reason why they
should - it's a one-off thing they do once a year that is basically a
private party. I'm not being critical of them, just honest. I expect
much better things out of Crossroads.

~ Bryan

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