[Slowhand] The importance of music

Brian Tronsgaard tronsgaard at hotmail.com
Sat May 26 04:21:32 EDT 2007

Hello Slows.
I'm in a good mood, really, don't want to make nobody angry - or blame anyone of anything. So on a cheerful note I'll just say (2000 of them...) this: (concerning Concert for NYC)

Who gives a damn about pissing on your own or someones legacy, when 3000 people had just died the worst death imaginable?!??!!! There was no pissing on anyones legaices going on in the first place, but a fellow slowhander wrote in the last digest. Hey, baby, everything's gonna be allright...

Kind regards,
BTW: Can anyone tell me about the Turn Up Down album? Just found it on Dime but there are no seeders of it at the moment. I never heard about before, and been devoted EC man since 88!


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