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Last night I unearthed a tape that I recorded from WNEW-FM 102.7 in New York in the 80's. It is one of the many, many "unmarked tapes" I have never bothered to look at or listen to. Mark Deavult calls them my Carnac Tapes. I need to finally go through all of them and see whats on them.

Anyway, this one happened to be a Behind The Sun album party. Pretty good Clapton interview stuff. I liked the part where Clapton talks about While My Guitar Gently Weeps. Dave Herman, WNEW-DJ asked him how that came about. He said that George was having a hard time trying to get his songs considered by John and Paul and that he felt George had him come into the studio for moral support. Well he ended up doing the solo. Clapton also expressed how powerful it was to be in the presence of all four Beatles. He said that John and Yoko spent a lot of time under the piano during the Bag-ism thing.

You know, I disliked Phil Collin's studio association with Clapton so much that I found it hard to ever give Behind The Sun much of a chance. While I was listening to this album party tape (they went song by song), I finally gave Same Old Blues a good listen. I have always loved that song "live". I have a killer version of it from one of those old DJ-only vinyl concert albums that I've collected throughout the years.....you know, the ones that include all the commercials and also the concert. I love those DJ-albums. Of course, they were studio quality recordings, just like a commercial release. I have a lot of them for many artists like Clapton, Lennon, Straycats, Dave Edmunds, George Thorogood etc....

Anyway, I found that I liked the studio version of Same Old Blues. Again, I was so disappointed in Phil Collins producing Clapton that I have only ever played the Behind the Sun album once before and just shelved it all these years, (same with August). I like a lot of the songs on these two albums, but hated Phil Collin's production. To me it was like what Jeff Lynne did to Dave Edmunds when he produced him during the mid-80's......yuck. Just one case in point.....what an amazing difference between Holy Mother studio August and Holy Mother "live" from Birmingham 86. The live version is breath-taking !!!

So I'm just now discovering the studio version of Same Old Blues after all these years..... lol

Joey Jay
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