[Slowhand] Concert Comparisons

Cathy Malec ssteacher73 at yahoo.com
Mon Jun 18 21:29:38 EDT 2007

In the June 15-17 USA Today newspaper, an article
compared the average resale price per ticket for tours
selling at least 2,000 tickets on StubHub (whatever
that is). Had a large picture of EC performing in
Moline, IL. with one of his famous face expressions
playing what looks like a "Blackie". Subtitle asked
"Which artists are fans shelling out big bucks to see
this year? It isn't always the acts who sell the most
CDs." A graph showed the following average resale
price per ticket: $246 for EC, $237 for Genesis, $219
for The Police, $199 for Mana, $196 for Rush, $192 for
Rod Stewart, $191 for Josh Groban, $189 for Justin
Timberlake, $181 for Roger Waters, and $179 for Billy Joel.

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