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Sam Mangano mangs88 at verizon.net
Wed Jun 27 22:52:22 EDT 2007

funny article on who this writer thinks should be in the rock n roll hall of fame:


below is the EC content:

Sting's schmaltzy adult-oriented rock is such an embarrassment to the Police, he should be barred from further collaborations with smooth-jazz artists. One could argue that he hasn't really rocked in years. His music is now the equivalent of a spiritual self-help book.

But keep this in mind: He's the guy that wrote the bass line for "Roxanne." He's the one who so passionately crooned, "You don't have to put on the red light." After that, he could've crapped on a piece of notebook paper, and we'd all have called it art. And that's exactly what we did.

Sting's solo career went on to win him plenty of critical acclaim, Grammys, a spot in the Songwriting Hall of Fame, and a collaboration with Puff Daddy. He can still pack Blossom and get penniless mothers to donate to Greenpeace. Sting is exactly the kind of inductee the Rock Hall loves -- a repeat offender with a dwindling solo career.

Take Eric Clapton, for instance. He's been inducted three times already, including with Cream, the Yardbirds, and as a solo performer. Though no one would challenge the might of his ensemble work, including Derek & the Dominoes, his solo stuff was little more than flaccid soft-pop and riffs fit for a Chili's ribs commercial. Still, he's Clapton. If he shat on notebook paper, we'd call it art too.

Since Clapton went in as a solo artist seven years after the Hall inducted Cream, it's almost a sure bet that Sting goes in 2010 -- seven years after the Police got their props. But that's only if the Hall doesn't induct that assortment of mummies known as the Traveling Wilburys instead.
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