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hey kristian:

have you ever seen bonamassa live? when i spoke to him after the last
cleveland show, he said he was going to miss the crossroads show (he was
invited) because he would be touring europe at the time. hopefully, he will
be swinging by denmark if you havent already had a chance to see him

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>I actually like John Mayer's playing. Sure he's no Clapton, Doyle or Derek

> (although i don't share many of you digesters view on Derek- I find his

> playing style somewhat clumsy and much too often incoherent). But I still

> think Mayer plays very well. His acoustic performance with Clapton for the

> Katrina benefit was awesome.


> But I do agree that his songwriting still lacks in some points. He hasn't

> quite getten past the "Your Body Is A Wonderland"-style. But that doesn't

> change the fact that he plays a mean guitar. And I think we need "young"

> people like him to spread the blues/bluesy sounds to a younger audience.

> Not

> many are doing that today (Now I'll probably get flamed for not mentioning

> Joe Bonnamassa- and again I don't share the hype. Yes he is an amazing

> guitarplayer, but he's just another Hendrix-wannabe, IMO).


> Just my 5 Cents.


> /Kristian (Denmark)



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