[Slowhand] Mayer

crocketo at vip.cybercity.dk crocketo at vip.cybercity.dk
Fri Jun 29 02:30:20 EDT 2007

I actually like John Mayer's playing. Sure he's no Clapton, Doyle or Derek
(although i don't share many of you digesters view on Derek- I find his
playing style somewhat clumsy and much too often incoherent). But I still
think Mayer plays very well. His acoustic performance with Clapton for the
Katrina benefit was awesome.

But I do agree that his songwriting still lacks in some points. He hasn't
quite getten past the "Your Body Is A Wonderland"-style. But that doesn't
change the fact that he plays a mean guitar. And I think we need "young"
people like him to spread the blues/bluesy sounds to a younger audience. Not
many are doing that today (Now I'll probably get flamed for not mentioning
Joe Bonnamassa- and again I don't share the hype. Yes he is an amazing
guitarplayer, but he's just another Hendrix-wannabe, IMO).

Just my 5 Cents.

/Kristian (Denmark)

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