[Slowhand] Jessica Simpson and Patti Harrison-Clapton FUNNY TANGENT?

EFSCHUL at aol.com EFSCHUL at aol.com
Mon Jul 2 17:19:07 EDT 2007

True, Pattie was a model.
But she was more than just a model, outside the modeling world.

She was loved very deeply by two of my music heroes, and some say, a muse to
Oh, and by the way, she had a small role in the movie "A Hard Days Night".

IMHO, there is and can never be, any comparison between the two women.
There is a lot of info out there on the Internet about Pattie, if you are
interested in her life outside the modeling world. And of course, her book
will be published in August.

She was, and continues to be, a special spirit. She is, on some level, the
original "Blond Rocker", and they both share the same birthday.

blond rocker

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