[Slowhand] Bell Bottom Blues

Jim & Linda Kelley lucky2000 at mchsi.com
Sun Jul 22 22:05:46 EDT 2007


I was able to trace the original source of Bell Bottom Blues on the
2006/2007 World Tour Compilation, and found that it was from the June 3rd,
2006 concert in Frankfurt, Germany. My downloaded copy of that original
source concert contains the digi-skips, as well.

I am proposing there is an alternate version from the June 1st, 2006 concert
at Ahoy, Rotterdam, Netherlands, and to my ears this may even be a better
version, depending upon the Equalizer, Compressor, Stereo FX, Dehisser,
Denoiser, Decracker, and Declicker effects being applied to the original

I am not certain of whether it is feasible to suggest supplanting the
original BBB with an alternate track.

I received my copy of the compilation via one of the download sites (not
sure which one), and as such the version I have is still soft (ie., it is
still FLAC files on my hard drive).

Even if anyone was interested in supplanting the original BBB with this
alternate, I doubt that any of the Torrent sites would allow the posting of
just one track. Does anyone out there have any ideas about this, I'd like to
share, I'm just not sure how.

Jim Kelley
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Regarding Bell Bottom Blues
I went back to my original master disc that I got and indeed there were some

digi-skips and really nothing I can do.
I notified the digest of this a few months ago.


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