[Slowhand] coincidence?

Sam Mangano mangs88 at verizon.net
Thu Jul 26 20:07:28 EDT 2007

I was at lunch today at a Chipotle restaurant, and what comes out over
the stereo is EC's "Little Queen of Spades". I was programming my new
car stereo yesterday, and when I turned on the Sirius Blues Channel,
"Worried Life Blues" from the 24 Nights album was on the station!
Hopefully signs of good things to come in Chicago. I bought 2 more 2MB
cards for my digital camera to go along with my 1MB and 256KB cards, so
I will be ready to take a lot of stills AND video clips as well, and
look forward to sharing them on the WE! Website..

Off to "Sweet Home Chicago" to see all my good friends from the digest!
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