[Slowhand] World Tour FLAC disc offer

James Sewell jcsewell at shaw.ca
Sun Jul 29 22:37:49 EDT 2007

No offense intended to Jon Maclean for his generous offer of the World Tour Box, but I have a problem with trading MP3.  If you're going to trade, I think you should trade lossless and let the receiver re-encode to MP3 if needed (perhaps for a portable MP3 player).

OTOH, maybe all Jon got was what somebody else before him re-encoded to MP3, so he's offering the best he has.

So I'll offer another single disc, this one a data DVDR containing the FLAC files and setlist.  The disc can be played directly on the computer as FLAC by most programs, extracted to WAV and burned to CDR for car listening, or encoded to your desired MP3 bitrate for the iPod.

3 with burners and 1 without.  No geographical restrictions.  Offers open until 5 pm Central NA time Friday, Aug 3.  Include your mailing address with your email.


PS: If Jon wants one, I'll send him a DVDR of the FLAC files too...

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