[Slowhand] World Tour trade offer

James Sewell jcsewell at shaw.ca
Tue Jul 31 23:07:50 EDT 2007

Hi Jon.  I had a feeling you were only trading what you received.  I sure didn't mean any offense by criticising you.  I can understand how frustrating it might be to have a good faith offer criticised.

I applaud your willingness to share what other gave you and I'd hate to be the reason you refrain from sharing in the future.  I see no reason to withdraw your offer.  You clearly said what you had was MP3 and if that's what people want, have at it.

I didn't want to be a negative ninny and just post some haughty diatribe about how you aren't supposed to be trading MP3.  That's why I made an offer of my own to make it a positive action as opposed to a negative comment.  Actions speak louder than words and all that.

Anyhow, my offer still stands if you want the lossless compressed FLACs, just send me your mailing address and it will be on the way.


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