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Sun Aug 5 14:06:21 EDT 2007

Rick - You said it all so well! The only thing you left out was the weather. How fortunate we all were last Saturday that there was ample cloud cover for almost all day. Whenever the sun would peak out, it felt like a furnace. Had it been a "bluebird," we'd have all roasted to - "golden brown and delicious." Prior to the event, I was grumbling about our seats in section 121, but it all turned out so well, for the sound was good, the jumbo-screens provided a reasonable view, and there was a cooling Lake-breeze all afternoon long. I would not have lasted on my feet for 13-hours as Sambo and Doctor-P due to my fishing mishap earlier in the week and the multitude of chigger mites on my ankles and feet - more than a hundred by my count! The music all day was so amazing - even some of the people I wasn't too keen on turned in good performances to the point that it was difficult to take a break for bio/sustenance. The biggest surprises for me were the superb
sets of SteveW and JeffB - I expected "good" but their's were over the top. "Dear MrF" still rings in my ears... I had mixed results in meeting up with SHdr-buddies. It was good to hang with Lauren and her friend (sorry for my bad memory for names) for a while, and what a nice surprise when Rick found us in S-121. I finally got to meet my friend Joey Jay Vargas who sat with us for much of the day. James Vlahakis, also, took time to find us, and we hung out for a while - congrats on your backstage adventure. I was thinking of our friend JennyK of Oz and how much she would have loved to see this show... It's all a memory now, but I am looking forward to the November release for the DVD!

>I was lucky enough to get to this show thanks to Chuck Brady who

>unfortunately could not go and sold me his tickets. I absolutely

>loved this event. I'd never been to an event with so many performers

>and it was incredible....Great to see Mel, Eileen and Susan and to meet JoeyJay for the first

>time. Sorry I missed Dr. Steve, Sambo. Lauren, Sandy and other SDers. RBatty

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