[Slowhand] Help Needed to Identify a 1985 Show

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Fri Sep 7 07:25:23 EDT 2007

This one's easy ... July 5, 1985 in Hoffman Estates (Chicago), Illinois.

Available as a nice SB on various releases including this nice Tarantura gatefold package:


Hope this helps!



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Hi everybody.

I need
your help to identify a 1985 show I just got. Having a look at the
setlist, I guess it belongs to the second leg of the 1985 US Tour.

1.Tulsa time

2.Motherless children

3.I shot the sheriff

4.Same old blues

5.Tangled in love

6.White room

7.Stepping out

8.Wonderful tonight

9.She's waiting

10.She loves you


12.Let it rain

13.Double trouble


16.Forever man

17.Further on up the road

I think the following could be of help: just after White Room, Eric goes saying:

"Carry on applauding now. I want you to applaud the lovely singer we've got coming up for you now: Miss Shawn Murphy!"

... and then, just as Steppin' Out starts, Shawn Murphy goes:

"[...] I wanna do this song for all the wild children in the audience.... Preferably of the male gender! [...]"

Is anybody able to identify this show with just this information? I hope so.

Thanks in advance.
Best wishes.

[Slowhand] Help needed to identify a 1985 show (2)From:
"Siro Garrido" <siro.garrido at gmail.com>Date:
Thu, 6 Sep 2007 19:02:34 +0200To:
slowhand at planet-torque.com

Hi again.

I forgot to mention:

Erics says the word "now" EIGHT!! times before introducing Shawn Murphy!!!

Best wishes,

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