[Slowhand] Why Does Love Have to Be So Sad

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Thu Oct 4 22:46:05 EDT 2007

>>>Clapton hasn't played and recorded Why Does Love Have To Be So Sad on video since Derek and the Dominoes.

Of course I meant Clapton has never recorded and released a live video of WDLHTBSS. I'm so mad I can't think straight. I don't even recall him playing it since Derek and the Dominoes. And these butt-brains leave it off the DVD !!!

singin' to the tune of WDLHTBSS....."Why Does The Music Industry Have To Be So Stupid"

This was a historic set played by Clapton at a historic event. And they failed to deliver in the right way. I'd fire the decision makers at Rhino on this one if I could.

I just hope I can get through to the President of Rhino and I hope he has the balls to not hang up the phone.

Joey Jay
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