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Fri Oct 5 05:24:12 EDT 2007

That's disappointing Joey - I thought you might have told us what you
really thought :-)

Personally I'm hoping the other suggestion of a different DVD from the
tour containing those songs is correct, otherwise I'd be with you on this.




> Slowhanders,


> I lost a huge amount of respect for Rhino Records after seeing the

> setlist for Crossroads II.


> I am thankful for what will be included, but how the hell can they

> exclude;


> Got To Get Better In A Little While

> Why Does Love Have To Be So Sad

> Pearly Queen

> Key To The Highway (with that great new feel)


> The exclusion of the Derek and the Dominoes stuff just stinks. I left

> a scathing message at Rhino Records and will continue to do so until I

> get to talk to the company President. They are friggin' idiots. For

> all the good they've done, they really f*cked this one up. I just

> don't understand.


> I hope they have the consideration to at least include them as easter

> eggs. What assholes !!!


> I have never been so pissed at a release in my life. It makes no sense

> to leave off the Derek and the Dominoes stuff. What idiot is making

> decisions at that company? Clapton hasn't played and recorded Why Does

> Love Have To Be So Sad on video since Derek and the Dominoes.


> Again, I'm thankful for what we will get, but damn record companies

> really suck the big one sometimes !!!


> They are gonna get an earfull from me.


> Joey Jay

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