[Slowhand] Exclusion of Derek and the Dominos material

Steve Proctor drpr at earthlink.net
Fri Oct 5 08:36:18 EDT 2007

> It makes no sense to leave off the Derek

> and the Dominoes stuff.

I was very disappointed not to have more of the D & D material, particularly since it was such a cornerstone of the last tour. What a delightfully unusual tour it was! The Charlotte show on October 17, 2006, was the last time he played anything from his latest album. And yet D & D tunes kept being added.

I have been mentally preparing myself for some disappointment in the official DVD. How can a stellar eleven hour concert be trimmed to just two hours? I am so grateful for the resourceful individuals who were able to capture the audio and video from the MSN feed.

Joey, I applaud your efforts to correct this injustice. I doubt Rhino will make any changes at this late date, particularly after the press release has gone out.


1) Sell the entire EC set (or even the entire concert) on ericclapton.com with proceeds going to the Crossroads Centre. No fancy artwork or menus needed. Just burn a pristine version of the MSN feed onto DVDs.

2) Make the entire EC set available to the ecaccess members. I believe membership would soar.

3) Provide a live DVD from Clapton's 2006-2007 tour. San Diego has been mentioned, of course. If EC is disappointed in that one, there are plenty of other choices. It has been five long years since a live album and EC is talking about taking 1-2 years off. Why would you not want to release a live album now?
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