[Slowhand] Clapton's release woes

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Fri Oct 5 09:54:56 EDT 2007

Hello all!!

Joeyjay, thanks for your candid opinion regarding the upcoming release of the Crossroads festival.

I need to add my own regarding next weeks rediculous compilation. I just bought Mick Jaggers Very Best of. And while Jagger is no great solo artist and his songs dont carry the merit of Keith Richards solo work or even John Lennon's, his release, I am speculating is better then EC's forthcoming. Why?

Easy. Back in college, I could have made EC's release (minus the newer songs) by experimenting with compilations. So that is one strike. Number two, I dont care to hear the Cream of Clapton again. Three, I wanted something better than the 4 disc crossroads release. Eric, for heavens sake, you have 40 years of music behind you. There must be a rare treasure or two somewhere back there.

What does this have to do with Jagger. Well, he released a one CD/One DVD set. And its awesome. Four previously unreleased tracks (well, available on boots) out of 17 songs appear on the CD. Bono, Peter Tosh, Steve Winwood and John Lennon all have contributions to the album. The DVD contains a 30 minute interview that Mid valley did not need to release to be releases as a promo stunt for EC access, then there are a number of music videos including Mick's guest appearence with peter tosh on SNL in 1978. IN otherwords, we get some of the old standards (just another night) and some stuff that is new.

Sheryl Crow did this, other bands have done it. I've seen Neil Young do something similiar as well as the Stones in follow up releases to the original, the "limited edition" releases. Didnt eric do this with the Robert Johnson sessions?

So why on earth do we have to settle for a variation of something everyone already compiled for their car stereo?

I wont spend my money on this compilation. Sorry. I am buying the book, but I cant justify the Aerosmith business model of greatest hits albums, that is, repackaging the same songs over and over again with different artwork.

That's just my point of view,


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