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Fri Oct 5 17:17:44 EDT 2007

We really didn't expect the complete Clapton set did we? One can make a
strong argument that more of the Jeff Beck set should have been included as
well, Jeff and band played a MONSTER set. As did EC. Personally, I think it
was one of, if not the best EC performance of the 2006/2007 tour.

It sucks that only one Dominos tune is included on the DVD, that's for sure,
but I think for the most part Rhino got it right with their song selections.
I agree with the EC song selections except for "Crossroads", I would have
definitely included WDLGTBSS instead, the interplay between EC and Derek
Trucks was priceless! It pains me that they left this one out, it was definitely
a "moment", thank GOD for bootlegs ;-). At least the complete "Blind Faith"
set is there.

I'm not holding my breath for the San Diego DVD to be released, rumor has it
that EC was not pleased with the performance. The last time that happened
was the Fillmore '94 shows, we all know when that was released officially,

Also, I keep hearing that the runtime for the 2 disc Crossroads DVD set is 2
hours, not correct, it's 4 hours. With two DL DVD's they could have fit
more songs on there IMO. Oh well, I'll enjoy what they give us and fill in the
rest with the boots.



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