[Slowhand] EC/Winwood

JOHN NACCARATO jnacca0408 at rogers.com
Wed Nov 21 00:08:30 EST 2007

Hello Slowhanders;

I've just been reading EC's autobiography and I came across a passage that gave me a great idea for an addition to the setlist for the upcoming concerts in New York. One of the most compelling reasons that first attracted EC to Steve Winwood as a musician was his incredible rendering of Ray Charles' Georgia. I would just love to hear what these two fine musicians could do with a re-working of this absolute classic. In my view, this would fit in perfectly with EC's recent penchant for exploring musical possibilities that proved to be, for one reason or another, very elusive in his long and storied musical past (ie:making an album with BB King-reuniting with Cream and John Mayall etc...).

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