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Greg Hilker greghilker at gmx.de
Thu Jan 3 01:07:32 EST 2008

"wdeli at aol.com", your link didn't make it onto the digest...

But to add my 2 cents to the '70's Gibson flattop acoustic "discussion":

Martin also messed-up in the '70's!

I am the proud original owner of a 1972 Martin D-18. A number of years ago the pick guard started lifting off the top and the top itself cracked near the pickguard. I had a chance to talk personally with Christian F. Martin IV at an acoustic guitar show and mentioned this to him.

He "admitted" this was a typical problem for Martin's from that period. He told me that back then, Martin did not glue the pickguard to the top, but rather used the varnish to secure it. The result of this was exactly the problem I had. I got it fixed and the guitar still sounds great, but you wouldn't expect Martin to make such a mistake.

BTW, the neck also does not have an adjustable truss rod which Martins today have. Knock on wood -- I've never had any neck warping problems and the action is still great!

Schöne Grüße,
Greg Hilker-Schmele

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