[Slowhand] Martins

Garret74 at aol.com Garret74 at aol.com
Thu Jan 3 12:17:13 EST 2008

>>>BTW, the neck also does not have an adjustable truss rod which Martins to=

day have. Knock on wood -- I've never had any neck warping problems and t=
he action is still great!<<<


I have exactly the same problem, and I haven't fixed it yet. I have a 1970
D-18, and the pick guard has seperated from the body of the guitar, but I don't
have any cracks, except for a slight one from the bridge to the sound hole.

Guitar sounds better than ever, but the action rose...I like to use it as a
slide guitar now, but I don't play it very often...

I also have a D-42 and a D-28...and I tend to use them now...


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