[Slowhand] Eric Clapton: Budokan 1997

Kevin Wilson kevinwilson at telkomsa.net
Tue Jan 8 02:37:46 EST 2008

Another unofficial DVD release has made its way into the mainstream. On the
outside cover its called Eric Clapton: Budokan 1997

Looking at the disc, I wondered whether I was being hoodwinked into buying a
computer game. There's a fantasy wizard, with the title The Way of the
Wizards (WOW 187). No mention of Eric on the disc label. The only way the
sales person was able to find the disc was by comparing the disc label to a
tiny picture of the wizard on the back cover.

The concert date is 27th October 1997 and features: AFL (guitar), Chris
Stainton & Joe sample (keyboards), Dave Bronze (bass), Steve Gadd (drums),
Tessa Niles & Katie Kissoon (backing vocals).

The DVD is 87 minutes long; in NTSC format; 4:3 screen mode; Digital Dolby

Aside from this, it all good i.t.o. both sound and picture quality. The
performance is worthwhile Clapton on the 4th last date of that year's Far
East Tour.

Two songs from the night's performance are missing on the DVD: "Broken
Hearted" and "Pilgrim".


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