[Slowhand] Simon Climie Missing

Kevin Wilson kevinwilson at telkomsa.net
Tue Jan 8 03:00:21 EST 2008

The man's name is nowhere to be found on the credits of Crossroads Guitar
Festival 2007. Is this an indication that Eric no longer needs him? Is this
a cause for celebration among TRUE Clapton fans?

Also noted that Doyle Bramhall II was one of the people responsible for EC's
concert mix. Can he be blamed therefore for the mess-up on EC's guitar part
on "Why Does Love Got to be So Sad?" Will he become the next Clapton
associate to be lambasted for Eric's diminishing guitar role? I, for one, am
all for the haunting incidental music he wrote and performed on the CGF 2007

One more thing, for those of us who at times wish Eric would do something
with his hair each year, as was the norm in days gone by, he looked
positively awful when he was wearing Bill Murray's wig. Just think of it,
he'd have to wear sunglasses too - like Jeff Beck.

Wonder if we can blame Simon Climie for Eric's practical hairstyle? Time
will no doubt tell.


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