[Slowhand] Robin Trower

Jerry Dunaway jdunaway65 at yahoo.com
Sat Jan 19 13:28:41 EST 2008

A few things here...

f you want SOME idea of what he sounds like live (or
at least how he sounded in 1977), go to this link:


If that doesn't connect you, go to wolfgangsvault.com,
look at the panel on the left and click on "Browse All
Performers." Then you will go to the "A" page, and
have A-Z listings along the top. Click on "T" then
scroll WAAAAY down to Trower, Robin. There is a show
from Veteran's Memorial Coliseum in New Haven, CT on
10/18/1977 -- pretty good show. I recently downloaded
a more recent show from one of the sharing sites --
can't remember which site, and just moved so would
have to look for my disc, otherwise I would offer you
a copy.

Regarding the Jack Bruce thing, Jack joined Robin in
the studio for his new release "Seven Moons." As far
as I have heard, there is no mention of Jack joining
him on tour (I wish -- Robin is coming to Nashville in
March and I plan to go anyway), but there's always a
chance of a "pleasant surprise" like that -- let's
keep our fingers crossed!

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