[Slowhand] Winwood interview on upcoming reunion at his official site

John Walasko jwalasko at telus.net
Sun Jan 20 12:03:34 EST 2008

The Steve Winwoood official site features scans of separate
interviews with Winwood and Clapton from the current edition of "20th
Century Guitar" magazine. Go to

www.stevewinwood.com and click on the "news" section to see the scans.

The Clapton portion of the 20th Century Guitar article is poached
from the July 2007 Chicago Tribune interview. It's also been edited
down quite a lot.
A more complete version of the interview is at;


The Winwood interview might also be copied from another source, but
it does contain some information that I haven't seen mentioned
elsewhere. Firstly, the upcoming Clapton/Winwood shows in New York
will be filmed and recorded, though Winwood says they won't decide
about any official release until after the concerts. Secondly,
Winwood confirms that Clapton does play on his upcoming "Nine Lives"
solo album, scheduled for release later this spring.

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