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First, in response to Jack Bruce and Robin playing Memphis, I am unaware of Jack Bruce and Robin Trower performing together anywhere at this time. However, Robin Trower IS performing in Memphis TN on March 2, 2008 at New Daisy on Beale Street.
I was asking him about the Gibson SG and just for kicks I wondered out loud if Robin ever thought about approaching Gibson* to make a special model - seems everybody else is doing it, and if he thought they're ever be a Squier VG.


In my humble opinion, the SG was always able to "shred", and the "Fretless Wonder" aka Les Paul, is still one of THE top choices for shredders and hard rockers. As for a Squier version of the Strat VG, it is doubtful, as Squier is primarily a poor man's Strat. I do confess to owning two Squier Strats, though, but BOTH of them are 1983 and 1984 Japanese Squier Strats which are considered to be every bit the equal to the 1970's series large headstock American Fender Strats! The rest of my guitars are Fender Strats or my own custom built Stratocasters (see www.ppcsi.com/PPCS) along with a Metal-Flake Red 24-fret Hamer electric 6 string equipped with a Floyd Rose Tremolo system, a Fender Stratacoustic (which are only made by Squier now) and a Gibson P-Bass style 4 string electric Bass.
Also, Gibson is making the self-tuning version of one of their guitars, but I have not researched that info yet. But I am wondering why you would want Robin, known for decades now to play the Fender Stratocaster and having 2 Custom shop guitars made in his honor (the Bridge Of Sighs limited edition - only 100 made, and his Fender Custom Shop Signature Stratocaster, which he does play at most of his concerts) to have any desire for or persuasion with Gibson to rival his preferred guitar maker? Robin did play an SG model early on in his career with Procol Harum, and a few other types even during, before and after that time. Robin first started playing Fender Strats (NEVER Squier Strats, as some have stated in trying to sell one over eBay) while on tour with Jethro Tull. He picked up Martin Barre's Fender Strat and fell in love with the tone immediately!


* I was just over at the Gibson website and saw they were re-introducing the Inverted Flying V Guitar wonder who'd be worthy to have that model in there Signature Series ?

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