[Slowhand] Koss headphones vs ipod

Bill Mann olesouth_bill at yahoo.com
Sat Jan 26 22:09:08 EST 2008

Koss came up with something interesting, but they should have used a SD card slot vs a USB plug in, with 512MB of memory.

Maybe future version, but the sweet thing I have found out about the Whites Koss Headphones if they break or the ear phone cushion fabric tears, they'll replace them for free.


Does anybody know what kind of a memory the ipod nano's have internally, that'd be so cool if they used a SD card, so as to make them scalable in terms of updating without having to buy a new device. Ditto that for the Microsoft Zune, as well.

Will we ever see an ipod or Zune featuring some of Claptons works on board like U2's ?

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