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Bill Mann olesouth_bill at yahoo.com
Sun Jan 27 13:46:31 EST 2008

I think you had best look at that photo closer as to what his band mates
are wearing. And how nice of clothes he has on, EC.

Maw Clapton, was a good provider and she loved her son. Like any mother should. If you have kids, look at the kind of clothes they are wearing do they look like winners or kind of just average. Check out Oli Brown, he's wearing some spiffy duds.

Maw Clapton saw her sons enthusiasm and knew if you look like a winner, you'll play like one as well. Hence, wonder what he's wearing to MSG ? Lets hope not Armani, what is Winwood wearing ?

His mother, as well as Mayhall saw this in him, too. A man that can clothes himself well, will go far. Clapton listen to his mother and other people well.

But when it came to drugs, she probably wasn't around to advise her son and well, maybe all that stardom thing went to his head and he ignored her and got off course by people who were using illegal drugs. Probably management types introduced his friends to drugs so as way of getting rid of people, hence he saw his friends doing drugs and thought it was acceptable practice. Hence, it brought him down and when he was down and out.

No doubt, somebody new stepped into the limelight.
(Turning people into junkies & addicts where in which they can't play, that's no way to run a business). No doubt, it's the competition.

Old tactic, Russian women are doing this a lot in Eastern Europe to roll guys.
Ah, what's that called ? "A Mickey Fin". I could tell you something about eastern europe, but.. Send me an e-mail instead.

Martina Natrolova, tennis player use to offer her opponent a coke cola's. Soda pop laced full of sugar and carbonation water to be full filling, but to the star athletes it had a downer effect. Which took them out of their game. Same is true with the rock & rollers.

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