[Slowhand] Yea, Clapton probably not even married.

Bill Mann olesouth_bill at yahoo.com
Mon Jan 28 18:37:48 EST 2008

Probably made that all up, I mean... Read his book.

It has contradictions in it ! In one part it says he's losing his hearing and in another part says he can sleep in motels because elevators noise was keeping him awake as well as people throwing stuff against the wall. Gee, where is that motel at ? I mean, are we talking about some seedy motel.

That guy ought contact Donald Trump, as Trump likes to buy up cheap properties and update them and turn around an make a buck. What kind of dumps does Clapton stay at ? Maybe he's talking about hotels in Britain. The only loud elevators that I've ever heard were the ones in eastern europe - the size of telephone booths. Clearly not the Willy 'Wonka ones we have here in the USA.

What kinds of dumps does that guy stay at ?

I think you ought reread it.

Clapton for the most part... Lets face it... The fact he went after another guys wife.

He could of had any girl, but why George Harrisons wife ? He was in competition with Harrison and it was a great way to destablise Harrison. Because George Harrison was very assute and Clapton was big time jealous of him.

Listen to what he says about the Beatles, they were getting all the gigs and going places, all the great songs... Course, the interesting thing about George Harrison after his divorce from Patti Boyd, he sort of turned inward... Grew a great big busy beard and from my vantage point of looking thru books of him. He felt really betrayed by Clapton.

Where was Clapton at for Carl Perkins funneral. A good and loyal friend to them all. Where was Clapton at ? Clapton was hang out with the wrong people !!

Why do people grow beards, look at Clapton at his shows - it's like, I'm too lazy.

If he had a wife that guy would look SHARP. I mean, look Steve Winwood !
His wife or somebody irons his shirts !!

What kind of a guy is Eric Clapton ? Do you know him personally.

Clapton to me is the kind of guy who ought be living near a lake and not in the Mississippi Delta. Somewhere close to Patti's.

And I'm not talking about Patti Boyd, either...
Clapton had issues with his mother... Because, she was aloof... I say his mother, but I really am meaning his grand mother, who really did raise him. His grand mother, was the one who really took care of him. I was putting that in context in terms of the book.

Eric, I would imagine still has issues that are still unresolved. But, like all families. One can dwell on these issues forever or one can move on.

Sort of like my brother has issues with my mother... Found out how much money she had, then all of a sudden he's like I care for this lady. He's not worth my time. He will one day he'll end up dead from a gun shot wound to the head and it he will have pulled the trigger, as I won't be near the dude.

Me, I'll go out the easy way... Just tie a knot and hang from a tree. Cheaper.
But, my luck the rope will have been rotten and it wouldn't support me and I'd fall to the ground.

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