[Slowhand] His real mother was aloof

Bill Mann olesouth_bill at yahoo.com
Mon Jan 28 19:19:40 EST 2008

Cause she was just too young to have the responsibility to have a child and be a single parent, too.

His grand mother was NOT aloof.

I should have reread that and corrected it. That book really reads like the one he probably created at AA. Which is what they have to do. Retrace back thru there life and write about it. Come to a conclusion of what ales them.

Too bad somebody couldn't have reached out to Rory Gallager. Ya know.
Such great talent who lived by his own songs. One has to wonder about the UK and how so many people in such a small land gets hooked on booze or as they say in Russia "TRADITION"!

Wonder when they'll ever learn the word moderation.

Any real friend of Clapton wouldn't rebuff him at his word, nor make folly of his ways. I'd hope to think now days, he's doesn't think about booze, but one must never let there guard down. Cause like that day when he was driving home, he said to himself. "I'll just have one and that's it"...

Look at his life as what he essentially poured down the drain.

One has to wonder, did Clapton go to church in is youth ?
Oh, I myself am not into the fire and brimstone antics of some preachers myself, as there a bit over the top and most folks can see right thru them. Which is why most average folks don't go to church.

But, so long as they live the straight and narrow and uphold those ten commandments, which are pretty good guides for living today.

Clapton - I will say, used good judgment in not saying some really lowly things about Patti Boyd, but he pegged somebody in his book, no mention of a name but my guess it was some model. Wonder who that was... I wonder if that's just part one of his two part autobiography. A sort of cliffhanger if you will.

Course, some parts - most folks don't need to know about.

I do believe Clapton cares about his friends, but he probably just doesn't know how to address them in there daily lives. So, if he's said something to you in the past in a mildy simple way... one would be well advised to rethink what he said.

He's been there and done the same thing, he's just trying to save everybody some time. Some folks, of course will be clueless, but why destroy your health because of it. Smoking and drinking and not getting enough water and exercise.

Hmm... Wonder if he'll have a work out book?

Or does he do yoga instead, one has to wonder... Is that guy sitting in the front of the room looking at the teacher or in the very back and of course going thru the motions and looking at all those health young ladies rear ends. But, I'll bet his wife is right there with him looking at all of the other guys bums.

Wonder if that has contacted Ben & Jerry's ?
Ooo, baby I had one of those NY Super Chocolate Fudges ice cream the other day and it was sooo goood.

Wonder what kind of a name would be most popular. Again, use the concert at MSG to get a consense of opinions via cellphone polling. I'll bet the crowd would love that idea, there were the ones who decide what his ice cream were to be called. How cool is that ?

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