[Slowhand] I never realized Britian was so dangerious !

Bill Mann olesouth_bill at yahoo.com
Tue Jan 29 21:08:13 EST 2008

Imagine if somebody like Clapton was took hostage or one of his daughters.
Wonder how much they'd be worth ?... Ya know now days with disposable cellphones and such. It's scarey to think how easy it would be to do.

When was the last time you heard about somebody doing this in America ?
That's why we have neighborhood watch programs and are video systems all over the place, though we don't tell the world this.

Course, ole George Harrison was attacked in a park by some nut case. What the hell was George out and about without a friend for... He should of had somebody or should have been living in the States. I guess when ole Carl Perkins died, his friend base got even smaller.

Clearly, the security forces in the UK aren't what the use to be and my guess is it won't be getting any better anytime soon! Arm yourself with shotguns and pistols, as I saw these guys denoted in the recent issue of Guitarist Magazine shooting clay pigeons. But, when you live in a society where there's more foreigners coming into your country and there's only so much land available, well it's a no brainer the crime rate is going to be going up.

Look at the lip of the chick in the previous post... Looks like she's got syphilis, no kidding. I once saw a movie in high school on this sort of thing, starts out small and unnoticed and gradually over time it gets bigger and bigger,and pretty soon her whole face is disfigured. Hope that dude gets himself checked out, course his luck his pecker will only fall off. If you know somebody like this, SERIOUSLY... Get them to a doctor.

Gee, I never thought about this, but I've noticed in some of the British magazines where there open have advertisements for hookers and such.. Ah, hello. This is the way that sort of stuff spreads.

Wonder who's been kissing on this or any of those gals ? Scarey thought.

Check out these folks... Witness protection plan. Gee, have them followed to the airport and call up your local friend who works as an air traffic controller and ask him where that plane is going to and then track them across the pond.


Why don't they load them on a submarine and sail out of the harbor.
Who guides those babies in and out to sea ? The Harbor Master, of course.

Course, when there underway. I really doubt if the Russians or anybody can track them, there underway typically a few months at a time and when those guys come back into port, talk about horny!!

Who do you think they go and visit ? Let's hope they go to some place like Las Vegas, where the ladies there have to be certified and inspected regularly by doctors. Do they do that in Britian or Germany or anywhere else ?

Wonder why?

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