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The chick photo was of a gal with early stages of sypillis on her upper lip. In high school we were shown a movie about this stuff... Anyway, she's was Ms. Hogg the gal who made masks for those robbers who came and got apparently a key person and held him hostage and then got his family as leverage. A well excuted plan, if I say so myself.

Here's a little ditty about it :
Michelle Hogg, 33, a make-up artist from Plumstead, made the prosthetic masks used by the robbers in the £53million Tonbridge raid but charges were dropped when she became a prosecution witness.
Ms Hogg, a policeman's daughter and graduate of the London School of Fashion, has changed her name and appearance and is living under police protection.
Officers fear the man who masterminded Britain's biggest cash raid and is still to face justice will pay the bounty to hitmen to prevent any trial taking place.
Ms Hogg has identified the ringleader, currently being held in a North African jail awaiting possible extradition to the UK. Police have recovered £21million of the cash but the remainder is unaccounted for and is thought to have been smuggled to Morocco, northern Cyprus and Albania. A police source said today: "It'll be a very long time before she can sleep properly at night. Michelle is the only one who can conclusively say who was the brains behind this. She knows her life is in danger. People will pay literally millions to bump her off."
(Nice to know where she's at... LOL) No doubt in Britain they've got security camera's everywhere because the can't trust there own cops with keeping secrets... How did the press know where she was at !!

How embarrassing that must be, to be a cop in the UK. How'd they find out ??
Weak... weak security.

Hope Clapton got good security when he's doing those concerts with the Police this summer. Course, nothing happens there, but who's guarding his house when he's away... The lawn boy ? No doubt, he lives in the sticks.

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