[Slowhand] GTGBIALW

Mark Teague teaguestob at hotmail.com
Tue Jan 29 22:42:09 EST 2008

Thanks for this Scott.
Am looking more for that great riff EC does where he slides up to around the 12th fret, plays some chord shapes, and heads back down again... like I say, its more a tab thing than a Chords progression...
Still if I find time to tab it myself from the performance on DVD...
Cheers.- Mark.

From: scottw at racerxill.comTo: teaguestob at hotmail.comCC: slowhand at planet-torque.comSubject: GTGBIALWDate: Tue, 29 Jan 2008 20:03:21 -0700

Not sure what you are looking for but if you wish to play along with Got to get better in a little while

Verse is A-G-E
Chorus is D-A-E then walk down is G-F#-F-E

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