[Slowhand] They were Clapton related... read on this

Bill Mann olesouth_bill at yahoo.com
Tue Jan 29 23:45:54 EST 2008

The young lady is out of work and no doubt will be put in a witness protection program. Clapton could probably use her so he she could make him look years younger so that he can go to shows/events without being detected.

I mean, look how he was treated at Crossroads when he sat down with his wife out in the bleachers, everybody started taking pictures of him and ignored the band playing. He literately had to get up and move to the side of the stage to watch the show. That's excessive rude to treat the guy like that. Imagine how he must feel going out in public. Can't go nowhere, without somebody to watch his back.

Anyway, this young lady who is in hiding is worth millions to her country and in terms of a movie deal, priceless, which apparently most of the folks that read this message board are in America and not the UK.

But here's the gist, there was bank heist in the UK, the largest one on record 54 Million pounds, probably be about $75 million USD or more, happen just last year.

Get this, they couldn't put it all in their Lorie (large van) as it was only a 30' foot model and had to leave the rest of the loot behind about 154 million pounds, that was the mother lode.

Heck this gal knows a lot of intricate stuff and which movie planners would no doubt love to hear about, so as to make the plot easier to create in terms of a movie. (Wonder who would play her part - Angelina Jolie or Lindsey Lohan.)

Wonder how Clapton could be included in this, he could make the soundtrack to the movie!

Cha-ching, would you go see it ? Only if the people she worked with were in the drug running and prostitution business, where there were tons of skimply dressed women in the movie. Plus, it would help if Clapton had two or more songs in the movie, as well, old and new a like.

Could he be in the movie ? Somebody has to talk to that girl and find out where her co-conspirators were at during the planning phase. If Clapton passes on this, I'll bet there's scores of out of work musicians that would jump at the chance of getting a film score with filler music and worldwide media attention.

Wonder if those folks went to any Winwood Concerts ?

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