[Slowhand] Clapton's book and the future of Antigua

Bill Mann olesouth_bill at yahoo.com
Thu Jan 31 17:10:59 EST 2008

This book read like it was ten years old and somebody didn't reread it put in some information towards the back of the book.

Compile a list of Questions you want to ask and post them all in 'One Posting" on this website, no doubt he probably reads this website. As most celebrities are always curious what people are saying about them. If not, the guys at Where's Eric read it and they no doubt communicate with him about matters. I agree, with you guys - a book is really needed verse a magazine article which is really typically squeezed for space and at times no doubt they cut out a lot of relevant information.

In terms of the future of Crossroads Antigua, what do you guys think. Once Clapton passes on to higher ground. Do you think something like that will be much of a draw for anybody hooked on drugs or booze - from the gist of the book it's main objective is to cure the ills of those island people who have dependency problems and hence catering to well heeled people from afar to get cleaned up.

You guys are going to laugh at this, but I have a direct communications link to Donald Trump and if Clapton were sincerely interested in build his rehab business here in the USA. He'd be very wise to sell the Antigua and re-invest that money into a larger treatment facility where ever he so deemed it necessary to build one.

So long as he kept the word "Crossroads" intact, for logical reasons.
One has to wonder if he's ever visited a place called "Amity - Circle Tree Ranch in Tucson". He could model his centers just like there's and pretty much go nationwide helping those who are in jail and who need to be rehabilitated.

>From what I know about Amity, the state of Arizona will pay to house the individuals, if the rehabs will cure these people of there ills. A very worthwhile approach and very cost effective especially for the state. I'm sure there are other facilities as such through out the country but they just don't have a high profiled leader to create so much fanfare.

No doubt, Clapton loves performing for his cause, but if it's not reaching any of the people who come to his concerts, which most folks don't have $20K laying around. Clapton championed the cause, but he should contact Donald Trump to see what other properties he has for sale, as no doubt that guys has lots of friends in the building trade who can put alot of these rehabilitated people back to work and with others who have gone thru the same facilities, hence a structured support group.

I'm rambling again.... Wonder what kind of an investment vehicle Clapton has in place to make sure his centers stay in business, whenever he's no longer here ?
On another note - Willie Nelson has teamed up with Ben & Jerry's and they have a peach flavored ice cream, which is currently available at my local Wal-Mart Store. As well as Micheal Cohen.

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