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Ken Maksin KMaksin at NCICAP.org
Thu Jan 31 17:33:05 EST 2008

AG, thanks for the GTGBLW treat. That's what i'm talkin bout!

>From the interviews and comments i've heard/read,

it seems that EC had a vision, and succeeded, on how he wanted his
extraordinary life presented.
Haven't read yet, but plan on reading "Clapton" and finding the recent
comments interesting.
unless a diary, or notes, were kept pertaining to specific events
that happened decades ago, unlikely, but possible for anyone who
frequently abused their body/mind/soul to remember details
about some of the stories behind the stories?
I recall seeing or hearing an interview during Clapton's book promotion,
where EC said he basically sees his life in 3 periods, childhood, young
and where he is today. Can't remember (see above and that was recent)


if he was referring to his writing approach but could suggest details
were elusive.
Separate books can be written about different phases of his career that
could offer more detail.
ken m
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