[Slowhand] International Blues Challenge Report

Bill Mann olesouth_bill at yahoo.com
Fri Feb 1 23:48:08 EST 2008

I'm here sitting in a parking garage sending you this great report, if your a Brit you'll see my video of Oli Brown as well as a few other bands... I thought I saw Clapton, stick on goat-t and bad hair, and baseball cap. Course, that's about half the people here walking up and down Beale Street. But, I focus'ed more on guitar workers vs gumbo blues and some half arse band. To me that's not the blues, but whatever.

Next you guitar guys/blues man no make pilgrimage here to Memphis. Kick myself for not coming down last night (100 miles one way), but it would have been worth it.

Too bad youtube only allows 100MB uploads. Lots of good bands and cheap.

Tomorrow night I haven't decided on where to go - probably will spend the night in Clarksdale or Grenada (the dry dock lounge, Kenny Brown Blues Band).

Anybody need me to photograph something in the Delta while I'm here ?

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