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Bill Mann olesouth_bill at yahoo.com
Sun Feb 17 23:05:12 EST 2008

I stopped by and visited a British farmer who came to the US more than ten years ago and well - brought along his Ford Tractors (which in my part of the world it's all John Deere's) hence he was doing his fair share of driving to hundreds of miles to get parts for his tractors.

Though I didn't inquire about the rather large cyst which was growing on his right jaw. My guesstimate it is a quite an expensive operation one of which could put him out of action for a good while or if it's really bad might kill him and his wife will have to put their farm up for sale and really throw the family in kaos.

He said he came from the Southern rural part of London.

They currently are living in Como, TN, one could call postmaster there and they'd probably know who I'm talking about.

I'd much rather have a guy from the UK to ask this guy if he needs some help, as I don't really have the resources, but I would image there are some good folks who read this message board who might be able to help this man and his family.

Too bad more brits don't live in these parts, so as to give these folks some good company.

Ya know, lots of folks from Ohio move down to Paris Landing/Ky Lake for their retirement. No doubt, to get away from those bitterly cold winters. That guy could set up his inlaws, big time.

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