[Slowhand] New EC gig

Michael Sawin msawin at hotmail.com
Mon Feb 18 04:19:07 EST 2008

I posted this same message yesterday using the newer version of Hotmail but it didn't seem to get to the SD, so....here it is again, but posted in the classic version.
An ex girl friend of my son who has a record deal here in the UK has posted on her myspace that early July she's playing support to EC at Silverstone. This is where the British Formula 1 Grand Prix is held and is about 100 miles north of London. During the rest of the year it's an idyllic rural setting with quaint villages and narrow roads (although not too far from a major motorway). But come Grand Prix time it's log jammed with cars. Leave now to avoid disappointment.
Seeing as he has a great love affair with fast cars and has played at another racing venue a few years ago (Brands Hatch) I wouldn't discount this one. Dates are 4th to 6th July so my guess it'll be on the 5th, the day before the the actual race.
Looks like a Summer of open air concerts-always a bit dodgy here in the UK what with our mad weather-and is my idea of hell. Crap view, crap sound, crap food and real crap toilets. And then the joy of getting out of the venue-at Brands Hatch it took me 3 hours. Yep, it's official-I've become a moaning old curmudgeon.
And talking of car crashes-Bill Mann...Bill Mann. It's a bit like watching one. You don't want to look but you just can't help yourself. In a perverse way I find them quite amusing. He emailed me a couple of times last year after I made another post (although he used a different moniker) but his references to Memphis and...er....obtuse train of thought singled him out. As long as he doesn't become abusive-what the hell-let him post. Somewhere inside that chasm of a mind he holds a liking of EC.

Telly addicts unite!

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