[Slowhand] I'm surprised Reprise Warner

Bill Mann olesouth_bill at yahoo.com
Tue Feb 19 00:07:59 EST 2008

Isn't suing people who are in the business of widely distributing copyright material all under the ruse of free trading. Hard to believe Reprise Warner is just sitting idly by while people pilfer there material.

If they had any brains they'd go after these people much like how the band members of the Greatful Dead went after those who did the exact same thing. Hence, Clapton could be recapturing lost revenue as well as his recording company.... By remarketing these shows and sell them online.

Wonder if those DAT were stolen ? Hard to believe somebody is actually bragging about getting such a gift in the mail and actively distributing copyrighted material. Is that so smart to do so ?

Has anybody seen the recent issue of Goldmine magazine? Features Rory Gallager on the cover but the magazine is a collectors publication and some enterprising individuals are selling these bootleg concerts. I guess, some folks just don't really care about royalties or rather loss royalties.

Here's something interesting - Imagine if Clapton under the ruse of another name was to enter this contest. Wonder if he could win this event.
Ditto that for other guitar / piano members.

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